SEO vs. UX in Web Design (2024)


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  • David Juárez-Varón Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain

    Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain

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  • Manuel Ángel Juárez-Varón Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain

    Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain

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International Journal of Software Science and Computational IntelligenceVolume 16Issue 1Apr 2024pp 1–26

Published:15 May 2024Publication History

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International Journal of Software Science and Computational Intelligence

Volume 16, Issue 1


SEO vs. UX in Web Design (1)

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This work addresses a research gap in digital marketing by attempting to compare the effort in achieving the best organic search engine ranking with the effort in providing the best user experience in web navigation. The objective is to validate companies' efforts in the digital world, and the study is focused on the toy sector in Spain, specifically on the Google search engine, measuring the user experience in web browsing through neuromarketing biometrics. The top 30 results for each Google search were collected for the 638 keywords related to toys in Spain. Subsequently, the three best-positioned websites for the Google search results were determined, and their user experience was measured using neuromarketing biometrics, triangulated with qualitative research. This approach allows for contrasting brand authority in the digital world (visibility in a search) with the user experience in navigation (trust and ease of purchase decision-making). Results indicate that the best-positioned websites do not necessarily correspond to the best web navigation experiences.


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              SEO vs. UX in Web Design (2024)


              SEO vs. UX in Web Design? ›

              Search engine optimization (SEO) focuses on helping your website rank well in search results, while user experience (UX) deals with how users interact with your website.

              What is the difference between UX and SEO? ›

              User experience (UX) design aims to create seamless interfaces and engaging content to attract and retain users. Search engine optimization (SEO) aims to improve visibility and rankings in search results to drive traffic.

              Do UX designers need to know SEO? ›

              As a UX designer, it's worth knowing about SEO. After all, an enormous amount of business comes from organic search: 51% of all website traffic comes from organic search traffic and 81% of people search online before making a purchase according to Brightedge.

              What is the role of UX in SEO? ›

              SEO is defined as a set of processes aimed at improving a website's page rankings in search engine results. UX is defined as the overall experience that a user has when interacting with a website. In a perfect scenario, UX design creates a seamless, intuitive, and enjoyable experience for each user.

              How to find the perfect balance between SEO and UX? ›

              How To Perfectly Balance SEO And UX (User Experience) : The Best...
              1. Keyword research is not out of the game!
              2. Make sure it's responsive design.
              3. Keep it simple.
              4. Make them click!
              5. CTAs.
              6. Content Optimization.
              7. Visual content is the key.
              Mar 28, 2024

              What is the difference between SEO and web design? ›

              SEO and Web Development: A Two-Pronged Approach

              SEO and web development are two sides of the same coin, and both are essential for creating a successful online presence. SEO focuses on optimizing the content for search engines, while web development focuses on creating the technical framework of a website.

              Does SEO matter anymore? ›

              As 2024 unfolds, rumors swirl about the death of SEO. These claims stem from advancements in AI, changes in search algorithms, and the rise of voice and visual search. However, the reality is far more nuanced. SEO isn't dead; it's evolving.

              What is the difference between UX writing and SEO? ›

              UX writing aims to create clear, concise and relevant content for users, while SEO aims to improve the ranking of pages in search results. The length of content is an important factor to take into account for these two disciplines.

              What is SEO in a website? ›

              One of those users is a search engine, which helps people discover your content. SEO—short for search engine optimization—is about helping search engines understand your content, and helping users find your site and make a decision about whether they should visit your site through a search engine.

              What are the three main roles of a UX designer? ›

              As a UX designer, you'll understand your users' needs, generate ideas to solve their problems, prototype designs and finally test them with users.

              How do I combine SEO and UX to improve my website? ›

              How SEO and UX work together
              1. Page titles and headings. Understanding how to use the heading tags on your site is essential. ...
              2. External links. ...
              3. Internal links. ...
              4. Helpful content. ...
              5. Site structure. ...
              6. Site speed. ...
              7. Mobile experience. ...
              8. Integrate your UX and SEO strategies.

              What is the 1 10 100 rule in UX? ›

              If you've worked with my team (or really, any strategic UX team), you've likely heard a variation of the 1:10:100 rule — $1 spent on research is better than $10 spent on design or $100 spent to change something in development.

              How do I optimize my website for UX? ›

              Ways to Optimise the User Experience for Your Website
              1. Improve the Page Speed. Every second is crucial in online marketing. ...
              2. Attractive CTAs. Visual cues assist visitors in navigating the website. ...
              3. High-Quality Images. ...
              4. White Space. ...
              5. Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly. ...
              6. Improve Web Security.

              How is UX different from web design? ›

              A web designer emphasizes more of the aesthetics of the site, not how a user might deal with it. Conversely, a UX designer coordinates continuous improvements by conducting extensive user research. They learn from user experiences and apply the insights gained to build better products.

              What is the difference between UX and marketing? ›

              Marketing is about increasing the perceived value of a product through brand perception or special offerings that the company might have. UX is about decreasing the interaction cost, which is the sum of mental and physical efforts it takes a user to complete a task or accomplish a goal.

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