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For mostMicrosoft 365 subscriptions and versions of Office(2013 and later), you need to associate an account with your product. This is the account you use to sign in to and what you use to install or reinstall the apps, or to manage your subscription. Depending on your product, this accountcan be a personal Microsoft account (such as,,, or a work or school account assigned by someone in your organization.

Note:Some products purchased through an employeeMicrosoft Workplace Discount Program(formerly known as Home Use Program) benefit or volume license versions (managed by an organization's IT department) might not require an account. The information below doesn't apply to these Office versions or Microsoft 365 subscriptions.

Sign in to the dashboard for your account

  1. Open a desktop app like Word or Excel, or go to

    Tip:You might be prompted to sign in. Make sure to sign in with the account associated with Microsoft 365 or Office. If you can’t remember which email address you associated with your subscription or Office product, see I can't remember the Microsoft account I use with Microsoft 365.

  2. From the header, select your Account manager.

  3. Depending on your account type, selectMy Microsoft account orViewaccount.

  4. Your accountdashboard is displayed andwhat you can do next depends on if you're signed in with a Microsoft account, or a work or school account.

    Select the tab below for the type of account you're signed in with.

Microsoft accountWork or school account

If you selected My Microsoft account, the Microsoft account dashboard will open. This is where you manage your Microsoft account and any Microsoft products associated with this account.

On the Microsoft account dashboard, selectServices & subscriptions toview all Microsoft productsassociated with this account.

  • For non-subscription versionsof Office (such as Office 2013 and later):
    Find your Office product and select Install. Follow the prompts to install or reinstall the desktop apps.

  • For Microsoft 365 Family or Personal subscriptions:
    Select Install premium Microsoft 365 apps and follow the prompts to install or reinstall the desktop apps.

    On the Microsoft 365 subscription tab, select Manage. From here you can:

    • Renew your subscription with a prepaid code or card

    • Cancel a subscription

    • Turn recurring billing on or off

    • ForMicrosoft 365 Familysubscriptions, you can start sharingyour subscription, and add or remove people you're already sharing with. If you're not the subscription owner, you can see who's sharing Microsoft 365 with you, or choose to leave the subscription.

If you selected View account, theMy Account dashboard for your work or school account will open. Here you can:

  • Install and manage your apps. On the Office apps card, select Manage, and select Install to install or reinstall the latest desktop apps, or other apps such as Project or Visio. (An install option is available as long as your admin assigned you a license and gave you permissionto self-install.)

  • Manage your devices.

  • View your subscriptions, and any other licensesassigned to you.

Note: For Microsoft 365 admins onlyIf you're the Microsoft 365 admin in your organization, you control what you want your users to have access to. Go to the Microsoft 365 Admin help center for more information about setting up users.

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Manage your Microsoft 365 subscription or Office product (2024)
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